Can I use my existing filter tap or a 3 way mixer tap to install the UltraStream under the sink?

No, it is very important to only use our vented tap when installing the UltraStream under the sink.

One of the great benefits of the UltraStream is that it infuses molecular hydrogen into the water. When you are not using the UltraStream, hydrogen that has been created in the UltraStream will slowly diffuse back into the air, and this hydrogen must be able to release into the atmosphere to prevent pressure build up causing breakage. For this reason, we provide a special vented tap with our UltraStream Undersink Kit, which allows the UltraStream filter to breathe.

All regular taps will only stop the water flow after it has already passed through the filter, however the UltraStream vented tap will stop the water flow before it passes through the UltraStream. Water flows from the main water line straight to the tap first.  When the tap is opened, the water flows under the sink and through the UltraStream and then it flows back up and straight out of the spout without any blockage. This design allows the UltraStream to vent any excess hydrogen back into the atmosphere, even while the tap is closed.

A regular filter tap or 3 way mixer tap will stop the water after it has passed through the UltraStream system, meaning it will not allow the molecular hydrogen to escape.  The hydrogen gas will build up pressure in the UltraStream and result in damage to the filter.