Fishy, metallic or sulphur taste or smell in my water

If you have an UltraStream or electronic water ioniser that is giving a strange fishy, metallic or sulphurous taste and/or smell, this is caused by sulphur that may be present in the water due to rotting vegetation. This can happen when water levels in dams get low or there is leaf matter in tank water.

This Sulphur taste is not noticeable when the water has no hydrogen in it, however once hydrogen is produced, the sulphur reacts and becomes Hydrogen Sulphide, giving off a funny odour or taste.

  • If you have an UltraStream, we now include a KDF85 filter inside the cartridge that removes sulphur, so this should no longer be a problem. If for any reason you notice a sulphur/fishy taste or smell, please submit a support request
  • If you have an electric water ioniser then please put the water on the Purified Water selection and this will stop the the smell/taste in your water. This shows that it really is the hydrogen in the water that is reacting with the sulphur. You can use the Alkaline water selection again once your water no longer has sulphur in it (i.e. when the rains come)

Molecular Hydrogen in the water is very beneficial, it is only when there is sulphur in the water that this strange taste could occur.