How do I stop my UltraStream dripping after being turned off?

When your UltraStream cartridge is new, it may drip for a short time.
This is due to residual Molecular Hydrogen gases building up inside the UltraStream’s energizing filter.

IT IS NOT A LEAK it is just the Molecular Hydrogen trying to get out of the UltraStream and pushing a little bit of water out as the gas tries to escape.

The cartridge, when new, is particularly active so it may drip quite a lot or not at all depending on the water source (the water that comes straight out of your kitchen tap)
The drip should ease off, again depending on the water source, between a few days to a few weeks.
The Molecular Hydrogen is the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory quality of the water so this “drip” only means that the cartridge is working well.