How We Support You – 6 Simple steps

AlkaWay is a small company with a great team. We pride ourselves on the service that has helped us last longer than any other water alkaliser company in Australia.

“I have to thank you for your AMAZING customer service!!! Truly, I appreciate how easy and efficient you have made this! Thank you so much!! 
Sincerely, Marcus =) Much love =)”

We have a local support team on hand, but we do ask that you follow these simple guidelines to help us give you the answers you need as efficiently as possible.

1. Are you a plumber on an installation now? Or are you a customer with a plumber on the job? Please ring the customer service number for your country. For Australia call 1800 268 469

2. Are you a retailer selling our products with a customer in the store? Please ring the customer service number for your country.  For Australia call 1800 268 469

3. Are you a customer experiencing installation problems with your new product?
Click here to consult our knowledge base.  Most common queries are answered here and it is divided into product categories.

4.  If you are not sure of the name of your product, visit this page to identify and select your product to visit our knowledge base for that product.

5. If you cannot find an answer to your query in our knowledge base, please email us. We attend to emailed queries first. We know these customers have consulted our knowledge base and have come to us prepared.

6 If we agree that you need us to repair your product, we’ll send you a Return Authorisation form that you can include with your returned product. We DO NOT accept products delivered to us without the Return Authorisation, in this case the product will not be received by us and will be returned to the sender.