My UltraStream is too alkaline. What can I do?

OK. Let’s get this clear, because it can lead to mass confusion!

The pH of the water from the UltraStream is a mixture of buffered and non-buffered alkalinity.

“Buffered” means that a liquid has the potential to be a storehouse, or ‘buffer’ of available alkaline minerals from which the body may draw in order to neutralise acids in the body.

In the UltraStream’s case, you are receiving some buffered water because it runs through around 500g of pure elemental magnesium, (plus some calcium).  This water can be used in the body as described above.

You are also receiving (in the same output stream) some unbuffered water. This comes as a result f the physical reaction between the elemental magnesium and the water. It comes in the form of molecular hydrogen.

There are insufficient alkaline minerals in the UltraStream water to make it nearly as alkaline as the pH that the testing drops will show. The high pH the drops show is not, therefore an accurate reflection of the actual alkalinity. It’s part alkalinity and part pH. If we loaded up the UltraStream to create high pH ONLY from minerals.. it would be almost undrinkable.

When tested with the pH testing drops it only shows it is alkaline because of the waters negative Oxidative Reduction Potential or ORP.

This negative ORP is an indication of the UltraStreams anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and possible alkaline properties. The negative ORP does not necessarily mean the water has these properties but is a sign that it might have.

In other words, the ORP is a sign that the water MIGHT contain Molecular Hydrogen and might be alkaline. (Yes, you can have H2 infused water that is not alkaline).

Using the pH testing drops to test the water, the negative ORP causes the water to look like it is quite alkaline, but in fact the water is only alkaline to the extent to which alkaline minerals in the form of magnesium and calcium are present in the water as a result of passing through the UltraStream.

We now know that the action of the ‘unbuffered’ Molecular Hydrogen in the UltraStream water can help the body to naturally become more alkaline. We also know that ‘buffered’ alkalinity is also health-supporting.

Here at AlkaWay HQ we use not one but two test systems obtained from Japan to make sure the UltraStream water contains the all-important Molecular Hydrogen.

Still confused? Don’t feel bad. It’s normal!
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